Breakfast Burrito

A breakfast burrito is a great way to “break the fast”. Mauro Enterprises, which started as Mauro’s Kitchen, has created a variety of food items, one of our favorites being the breakfast burrito. Ted and Rebekah Mauro, the founders located in Pueblo Colorado, found a commercial kitchen in 2002. The kitchen, using their recipes, can compensate for the vast amounts of breakfast burritos being sold. Expecting the best, you won’t be dissatisfied.

We have a variety of breakfast burritos. The first being the Spicy Beef Green Chili and Egg which contains ground beef, scrambled eggs, hot green chili sauce and cheese. This burrito has a kick of spice and is simply delicious. The second is the Fat Boy 1 containing potato, egg, and pork green chili, with cheese. And the third, the Fat Boy 2, is filled with egg, potato, and pork green chili. This is a burrito with a nice spicy taste. These delicious burritos are classic breakfast delights with a brilliant twist of pork green chili.

Aside from breakfast burritos, we have burritos for any time of day as well as green chili, tamales, and more. The Mild Bean and Beef is a burrito with beans, beef, cheese, and milder roasted chilies. It is perfect for people craving something mild. The Deluxe Bean and Beef is made with beans, beef, cheese, and hot roasted chilies. This is the perfect hot burrito. The Fat Boy 3 is made with chicken, pork green chili sauce, and cheese. Delicious!

Green chili and tamales are some of Pueblo’s favorites. Our family in particular loves green chili. We have since perfected the recipe. Our food has no soy fillers or soy products in them. For a home made texture and flavor, the tortillas are specially made for us with minimal preservatives for that fresh homemade flavor.

Mauro’s Kitchen Breakfast Burritos, as well as our other burritos, can be purchased at Loaf N’ Jug convenience stores. Already cooked to perfection, they are ready to enjoy.

Now, with a USDA approved plant to make our food as we did, we can sell our products wholesale to restaurants and stores. We now have over 2 million burritos sold.

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